Why We Are Here

Why We Are Here


We have our very own children and we love them happy in their sleep, and for this reason, Kids Bedroom Club is very passionate about kids sleeping on the right bed and mattress. But wait there is more, we are also concerned about their parents sleeping comforts and we don’t want them missing out, so we had to expand our service to retailing for the needs of adults.

At the Kids' Bedroom Club Showroom, you will be exposed to a broad range of French, stylish and sleek bedroom furniture and accessories. For that fun enjoyable store visit, Maria and Joe are happy to let you and your children indulge yourself, test trying our bunks, beds and mattresses and where modification is needed we are happy to create or find alternatives to best suit.

Most of our products are manufactured by our coastal factories, however, as the needs of our customers have developed over the years our business has turned to some outside producers, allowing us to expand our range and styles whilst offering customers the best possible value for money. Kids Bedroom Club offers some of the best quality bed frames made from Tasmanian Oak, Hardwood, Oregon timber, Pine and High-Grade MDF Timber Construction. Some of the World's most selling plush latex and memory foam mattresses are also sold here at Kids Bedroom Club Showroom. Visit us and we will help you discover what your body has long waited for and the style your family has long searched for.

Kids Bedroom Club will help you complete your family bedrooms with a range of Manchester accessories to choose from. Whether you are after a fast car bed quit or elegant bedspread and toppers we will find that taste you are after. So come along and bring your kids over, you can't go wrong at our store as all our products come with a warranty period ranging from one to fifteen years.

Our dedication to customer service over the years together with our expert bedding knowledge has allowed us to become one of the most contemporary businesses with the ability to transport our furniture Australia Wide.