Opulence Mattress - King Single

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Beautiful Opulence Mattress -  Latex Mattress with a 7 Zone Pocket & Pillow Tops on Both faces.

This mattress is available in single, king single, double, queen and king size.

Comfortable Latex Bed
100% natural latex layer
Double sided pillow top
7-zone pocket spring system
15 year warranty

The Regal Opulence Mattress is a genius Queen size mattress that has the unique feature of a 100% natural latex layer. Latex is a natural material derived from rubber trees. Its unique composition allows it to hold its shape extremely well to create the most resilient comfort layer on the market.

Being a natural material, latex is anti microbial and anti fungal to ensure a healthy and peaceful nights sleep.

Features of the Regal Opulence Mattress:
- Natural Latex Layer
- Comfort Layer. Multiple layers of medium and soft density high quality foams and unique ultra-soft wading combine for superior comfort and support.
- 7-Zone Pocket Spring System that zones to your head/neck, shoulder/upper back, lumbar, pelvic, knee, lower leg and foot/ankle areas.
- Double Sided Pillow Top. This allows you to flip your mattress and still have the benefits of the padded pillow top.
- Knitted Fabric
- Reinforced edging