Posture Slumber Mattress - Double


Posture Slumber - Central Reinforecement, Lofted Quiltig, High Quality comfort with unique layering, Jacquard Fabric, Pocket Spring & 23cm Thick Mattress.

The Posture slumber mattress  is a engineered for optimal spinal alignment by alternating coil design, spacing, and firmness to support the back regardless of sleeping position.

The posture slumber mattress consists of pocket spring which are individually wrapped coils which move independently. The spring will only move if contacted directly. The benefits of this are:
- Springs will contour your body shape
- Distinct weight differences in a couple won't affect each other's sleep (e.g helps prevent roll together)
- Sleeping disruptions will be kept to a minimum even if couple have different sleeping hours or one / both of them toss and turn.

5 zoning is another feature of this spring mattress. The 5 zoning offers variable support for different parts of your body: head, shoulders, lower back, thighs and feet. This helps ensure proper spinal alignment. 5 zoning also provides extra support where you need it most.