Extravagance Mattress - Natural Latex, Reinforced Edges, & 5 -Zone Pocket Spring. It is knitted fabric with a top pillow with a mattress total thickness of 28cm. 

The Extravagance Mattress is a 100% natural latex layer for a healthy and peaceful sleep. 

The extravangance mattress is available in Single, King single, Double, Queen and King Size.

Latex is a natural material which is derived from rubber trees and is extracted in liquid form. It's then processed into an incredibly durable mattress comfort layer. Latex will hold its shape and is the most resilent of all mattress comfort layers. The Biggest Bonus is that its all Natutal, which means its anti microbial and anti fungal, ensuring a healthy and peacful night's sleep.

The extravagance mattress contours to your body while still giving outstanding support. It helps alleviate pressure points which limits tossing and turning which allows for a more deep and peaceful sleep. Hence, it is great for people with allergies.

The extravagance mattress has benefits of pocket springs. Pocket springs are individually wrapped coils which move independently. The spings will only move if contacted directly. The benefits are:

- Spring will contour your body shape

- Distinct weight differences in a couple won't affect other's sleep. Hence, helps prevent roll together

- Sleeping disruptions will be kept to a minimum even if couple have difference sleeping hours or one / both of them toss and turn.

5 zoning is another feature of this extravagance mattress. the 5 zoning offers variable support for different parts of your body which includes your head, shoulder, lower back, thighs and feet. This helps ensure proper spinal alignment. 5 zoning lso provides extra support where you need it most.