Heavenly Rest Gel Mattress - King single $1,050

Available in all sizes - Single, King-single, Double, Queen & King

Gel top mattresses are ideal for those suffering from back, neck or shoulder pain. This unique material conforms to the body shape providing muscle and joint pressure release helping to deliver a deep, more relaxing sleep. Studies have shown that pressure points can be reduced 50-80%, making it an ideal mattress for many sufferers of chronic back pain. Gel is a temperature neutral material. It has an open cell hexagonal shape allowing for drastically improved air circulation resulting in a cooler nights sleep. It is based on a gel material used in hospitals to comfort burn patients and to actually cure bed sores.

The Heavenly Rest Mattress features 7 key zones on the mattress.

Zone One: Head & Neck Zone - This zone provides the correct support to your head and neck to help prevent neck pain.

Zone 2: Shoulder & Upper Back Zone - This zone is softer to allow your shoulders to sink slightly if you sleep on your side helping alleviate soreness in neck and shoulders.

Zone 3: Lumber Zone - Essential for lower back comfort, the lumbar zone is the most firm section to provide support for the natural curve in your back and prevent the spine from sagging. On average, humans carry 40% of their body weight in their midsection. Without additional firmness of the lumbar zone, a soft mattress forces your spine into an unnatural position and muscles become stretched and strained, resulting in a stiffness and pain. This lumbar zone helps relieve tension and lower back pain.

Zone 4 : Pelvic Zone - This zone allows your hips to contour to the mattress for pressure point relief and spinal alignment.

Zone 5: Knee Zone - The knee zone is the same firmness as the lumbar zone. This zone provides the correct support for your knees and helps to ease inflamed joints.

Zone 6: Lower Leg Zone - The lower leg zone features the same firmness as the shoulder and upper back zone. It provides comfort and pressure point relief to your lower leg.

Zone 7: Foot & Ankle Zone - Constructed with the same firmness as the head & neck zone. This zone provides comfort and pressure point relief to your feet and ankles.