Chiro-zone Mattress  is an extra firm mattress made with Thirteen (13) gauge individual Bonnell multi spring units with five (5) turns. Bonnel Springs are world renown for reliability.

The Chiro-zone mattress has a single sided pillow top (all the foam on one side) with an extra hard  in feel, with the support of a Bonnell Spring system. The chiro-zone mattress is the best value mattress which  maintains a uncompromising hardness. The extremely hard 320 density foam is the firmest we have, making it the hardest to lie on and hardest to break. The mattress has foam box side supported edges.

The Chiro-zone mattress is a good quality allergy free Damask fabric mattress. All foam used is NON-ALLERGENIC, ultrafresh and treated without the use use of CFC's.

The Chriozone mattress is Made in Australia , Sydney and has a 10 Year life warranty.

Size chart - the Chiro-zone mattress is available in the following sizes:

Single Mattress is 92cm wide x 188cm Long

King single Mattress is 107cm wide x 203cm Long

Double Mattress is 137cm wide x 188cm Long

Queen Mattress is 153cm wide x 203cm Long

King Mattress is 182cm wide x 203cm Long